Weight Loss 21-Day EFT Tapping Program

Tapping into Weight Loss 


Are you tired of struggling with your weight? Have you tried all of the programs and left feeling more frustrated than ever?  Sometimes weight loss is not as simple as calories and exercise, in fact, sometimes it is not about the food at all. Transform from Powerless to Powerful, from Victim to Victor, from Hopeless to Heaps of Hope with EFT Tapping and Let-Go of Negative Emotions, Disempowering Beliefs,  and Subconscious Saboteurs that are standing in your way of Emotional Freedom in your body and spirit. 


Here's what you will get with this Online course:

  • 21 days of intentional EFT tapping videos to clear out the most common limiting beliefs and blocks around a Healthy & Happy Body including: Impatience, Frustration, Letting go Judgement from Self and othersFear of Success, Overwhelm, Confusion, Shame, and Lack of Motivation. 
  • Course Membership Area to access materials whenever you need
  • BONUS tap-a-long videos!
  • Tracking sheet to measure your progress & gratitude journaling prompts to keep focused on what is going right.
  • Once a year, join Steph and Tap through the program with a LIVE group.
  • Keep this course forever! Revisit as much as you like on your journey. 
  • Let go of Emotional Weight and allow your body to come back to it's happiest and healthiest place.


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Week 1 - Moving Through Emotional Components



Sadness & Grief 


Anger for Self & others 

Guilt, Shame and being hard on Self 

Feeling Overwhelmed & Unmotivated 


Week 2 - Letting go of Limiting Beliefs & Forgiveness


Body Hatred 
Healthy Bodies are for other people 
It is not safe for me to be thin 
Someone is to blame
Weight loss is complicated for me 
Resistance to change 
Food is comfort 


Week 3 - Happy Healthy Body Mindset 


I take steps every day to improve 
I move my body everyday with joy 
It is safe to stay connected to my body 
I am fully supported on my journey 
It is safe for me to be successful 
I accept myself & my path
I am grateful in advance for my health


More Benefits:

  • Learn the What, When, Where, and How of Emotional Freedom Techniques
  • Connect with your Healthy Happy Body Mindset
  • Gain insight into subconscious beliefs that may not be serving you anymore
  • Clear disempowering beliefs from your mind, body, and spirit
  • Re-frame negatives into positives
  • Remove what is standing in the way of true emotional freedom with health
  • Believe that a healthy weight is possible for you, no matter your age, past, or track record
  • Tap away negative thought patterns & self-doubt

100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!