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Steph Dodds

21 Day's To Prosperity and Abundance

Transform from Broke to Bountiful with EFT Tapping and Let-Go of Negative Emotions, Disempowering Beliefs, and Subconscious Saboteurs that are standing in your way of True Prosperity. Steph leads you through 21-Days of Tap-A-Long videos to get you un-stuck so you can Emotionally & Financially Free. 

Raise your Emotional & Spiritual Vibration with EFT Tapping

Are you looking for a good introduction to EFT Tapping without taking a whole 2-Day Training? For just $19 check out Steph's signature Workshop, complete with EFT Tapping Demos, an Affirmation-Assessment Guide and a Membership Resource area. 

Weight Loss 21 Day EFT Tapping Program

Are you tired of struggling with your weight? Have you tried all of the programs and left feeling more frustrated than ever?  Sometimes, weight loss is not as simple as calories and exercise. In fact, sometimes it is not about the food at all. Transform from Powerless to Powerful and from Victim to Victor with EFT Tapping and Let-Go of Negative Emotions, Disempowering Beliefs, and step into Emotional Freedom in your body and spirit. 

From Heartbreak to Soul Mate With The Magic of Tapping

As a DailyOm Author, Steph has had over 8,000 people take this course and report back with success story after success story or self-love and romantic love. If you are healing from past relationships and ready to create something new in your life, you can take this course for as little as $15. 

30 Day's Of Gratitude Journaling Program

Gratitude is a practice, not a perfect. If you would really like to strengthen you appreciation muscles and become a Gratitude Jedi, for just $30 you can join Steph for 30 days of Gratitude Journaling prompts, a daily practice for re-focusing on what is going well in your life, and there for creating more goodness. 

Become an EFT Practitioner Yourself

If you’ve heard great things about “tapping” and want to learn it from a professional trainer, taking EFT Level 1 & 2 with Steph will give you a solid foundation for this work, practice time with other students, and the confidence to help your clients, friends, and loved ones with tapping.  

I have taken all of Steph's courses and I continue to learn and grow so much with each one. I am a gut health specialist and I have added EFT Tapping to work with clients and also love using for myself and my family. 

Monica Biery

Gut Health Specialist & Healer 

What Is EFT?

Tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques): EFT is a gentle and effective way to discharge emotional distress, negative thoughts, and repetitive patterns so we may be present for our lives. It can disarm our fear response, so we may let go of distress and not continue to replay it, re-enact it, and recreate it in our day-to-day lives. Emotions all have their purpose, they just become a problem when they get stuck, or it doesn’t feel safe to express them. This a quick, practical and painless method that WORKS and can create freedom from our triggers and lessen our suffering.

What is Matrix Reimprinting?

Matrix Reimprinting/Hacking Reality is a masterful way of using EFT to replace the negative core beliefs that limit our potential, and eliminate the emotional burden of traumatic memories. Matrix provides the most exciting, profound level of change work available today. We can actually find where the limiting belief is coming from and create a whole new picture that will be empowering in your life. It is pretty groovy... 


Working 1-on-1

Schedule your own private EFT session with Steph. Find Emotional Freedom from within.


EFT Education

Train with Steph and become an EFT Practitioner yourself or enroll in an online course and work at your own pace.

Praise For Steph's Work

"I had an EFT session with Steph with the intention to lower my stress and anxiety levels, as it has been preventing me from getting a good night’s sleep. I am so glad I had a session because that same night after our session I slept extremely well. After not sleeping well for a while, I really appreciated a good night’s sleep. I was able to lower my stress and anxiety and enjoy my weekend out of town."

Jeff M.– Sacramento, Ca 

"I signed up for Steph’s intensive coaching program and was honestly pretty nervous about the commitment, I have never done anything like this before! I am so glad I jumped in, it has ended up being one of the most beneficial things I have ever done for myself. We worked on many issues and she created a safe space to do so. The biggest life change, is finally keeping off 15 pounds, which I haven’t been able to do in 10 years. It’s a big deal for someone like me who is in constant self-critical mode to be able to find love for myself and appreciate my body. I love Steph, she is a truly powerful healer with a big compassionate heart. I highly recommend her program to everyone. There is no one she cannot help on their healing journey. I am so grateful."

Judy B. – Sacramento, Ca

"One year ago I was lost in total darkness. My husband of 16 years had left me for another woman after I had gone through a total hysterectomy and double mastectomy. I was working two jobs to make ends meet. I felt betrayed by my body and abandon by the love of my life. By surrendering to the process in Stephanie’s program and the gifts she offered I changed my life on every level and became the person I have always wanted to be.

I made a commitment with myself to dive head first into one of her packages. By the end of six weeks I was beginning to feel a dramatic change. I continued working with Stephanie off and on throughout the rest of the year. It was hard work that included a lot of surrendering, faith and trust. I cried, I yelled, I laughed, I learned how to love again – myself first and then others. I took back my power and forgave myself and my husband.

Stephanie and her skill provided the nourishing and grounding earth for me to plant my seed in and the support to help it grow. I am happy to say that I have without a doubt become the woman I had always envisioned. I have found love! I appreciate my body and honor it with healthy foods and exercise. I am financially solvent and I am genuinely happy. I don’t know how to express my gratitude towards Stephanie and what she provides for people."

Sonya M. – Sacramento, Ca 

"Stephanie Dodds is amazing. She’s incredibly perceptive – I swear nothing gets by her! She gets right to the heart of what’s wrong and somehow taps it all away. At the same time she’s so upbeat, positive and compassionate. I end up feeling great every time we work together, even if we’re tackling some pretty dark stuff. She’s helped me tremendously in such a short time. I seriously feel like a new person and I’m waking up to a new and better life."

Rob N. – Santa Rosa, Ca

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More testimonials are available on request.